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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Cello Studio

UW-Whitewater Cello Yoga Studio
Cello Student Playing at Gala

Graduates of the UW-Whitewater cello studio teach privately or in public school programs all around the region and the country. They perform in classical orchestras and chamber ensembles, but many also play jazz, rock, and folk music as well. Many have won awards for their playing, teaching, or service to the profession.

What will you do as a graduate of UW-Whitewater cello studio?



Cello Student Playing at Gala
UWW Alumni


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A Cello Seminar looks like:

What a Cello Seminar Looks Like


Work as a section on material from the current orchestral repertoire.


Some students perform for the rest of us. The other students have the opportunity to point out positive aspects of the performance. I get to make suggestions for further improvement.

Expressive Markings

We take a given excerpt and practice playing it with each of the 12 common expressive markings. We then take turns drawing a marking from a hat and performing the excerpt in such a way that everyone else guesses the word that was drawn. Can also be done with things like imitating the various vowels and consonants, imitating various types of shifts or vibrato, or imitating various story lines.

Good Fingerings

Take a passage that I pass out and spend the following week creating the best possible fingerings for that passage. The following week, we play through all of the possible solutions, discuss their merits, and vote on our favorite.

Stage Presence

We each memorize the beginnings of between 5 and 10 famous cello works (5 assigned by me, the others optionally selected from a list). We then take turns performing these beginnings on the Recital Hall stage, and discuss the effectiveness of the various performances.

Scales Workout

We play through various scales and arpeggios together, at a given speed and in a given style (rhythm, dynamic, bowing, etc.).

Technical Excersizes

Work on some useful technique through the form of exercises.

Etudes & Excepts

We work together on an etude or on significant excerpts from the orchestral literature.

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