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With Dr. Whitcomb

Dr. Whitcomb charges $75 per hour for private lessons. Lessons are available in-person (observing safety protocols, of course) or online.

Students may also study with Dr. Whitcomb by enrolling at UW-Whitewater and successfully auditioning for the music department. Scholarships are available.

UW-Whitewater is always looking for good students who wish to major in music.  As such, prospective students are eligible to receive a free trial lesson with Dr. Whitcomb, free or discounted concert tickets, a free CD, or a free UW-W rosin rag.  Please indicate on the form below if you would like to learn more about the string program at UW-Whitewater.


Online Cello Session



In-Person Cello Session





Elizabeth Zerger

Dr. Whitcomb strives to make a personal connection with each one of us. He tailors his lessons to each of his students to ensure that we all get the most we possibly can from our one-on-one time with him.

I know that I can always rely on him to help me with any problem I might be facing and he will give me the best advice he can.

My skills as a cellist have increased at an exponential speed due to the diligent instruction of my cello professor, Dr. Whitcomb.

He is always able to contribute phrasing ideas and technique changes to make the performance of the pieces easier and more musical.

Erik Schmitt

Student testimonials
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