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Cello Chat with Host Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb and guest Angie Schmidt

About the Episode 

This week I chat with Angie Schmidt, a multi talented musician as well as a strings and general music teacher for Middle and High Schoolers here in Wisconsin.

Meet the Guest

Born in Ohio, and raised in Green Bay, WI, Angela Schmidt began   cello in fourth grade, with percussion and piano following shortly   thereafter. Her musical education includes holding a BA degree in   Instrumental Music Education from the UW-Milwaukee and a Masters degree in   String Development (performance and pedagogy) from the UW-Madison. Angela is   currently the Director of Orchestras in Lake Mills, WI, a position she's held   since 1997. She has extensive performing experience in various symphony   orchestras including the Green Bay Symphony and the Watertown Chamber   Orchestra, and is a founding member of the Lakeside String Quartet. Ms.   Schmidt resides in Oconomowoc, WI with her strange and adorable husband, and   two energetic Siberian Huskies. She is currently writing a cello book for Hal   Leonard Publishing, and also enjoys being loud, hiking, napping, reading, and   doodling.

101 Cello Tips Book: ⁠ 

101 Violin Tips Book (Jerry Loughney played on the recording): ⁠ 

Far Corner ⁠⁠ 

CD ⁠

 An instrumental chamber/classical rock quartet, Far Corner combine group improvisation with completely scored works, composed in a contemporary, post-Bartokian style in an extremely assured way. ⁠

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