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Cello Chat with Host Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb and guest Eleri Beal

About the Episode 

On this episode from 2021, I talk to a current student of mine at UW-Whitewater.

Meet the Guest

Eleri Beal is a composer, conductor, cellist, and artist from Wisconsin who studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater completing her degrees in Music Theory Composition and Art. As a composer, she has written works for various ensembles. As a cellist, she plays in a wide range of ensembles such as the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra, the Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra, the Blue Moon Klezmer Band, both the UWW Symphony and Chamber orchestras, UW-Whitewater’s Chancellor’s Quartet, and Baroque Ensemble. As a conductor, she has conducted various ensembles at UWW as well as being an Assistant Conductor to the Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra. As an artist, she does photography, illustration, and graphic design which encompasses a wide range of projects such as stand-alone pieces, custom logos, signage, and tattoo designs. Eleri has also painted portraits that were a part of the set design for the production of “Ruddigore” for the Bartell Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin.

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